Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Why you should be afraid of Google.

Google gives you the best search engine.
Google gives you the best free e-mail.
Google gives you the best free blog.
Google gives you the most easy revenue-generating ads.
And now Google is giving you the coolest (and the best?) instant messenging.

Today Google has your surfing habit, your personal e-mail, your blog, and your daily conversations.

Did you setup an AdSense account with Google? I did.
So now Google also knows my real name, my mailing address, and my phone number.

Never mind what Google claims about respecting your privacy, they have almost all your online data. They know more stuff about you than your mom.

Now that is damn worrisome.

Is there something you put online that can be used against you in the future? Who knows. Will the information be used to your disadvantage? Who knows.

If information is power then Google is more powerful than ever. What will Google do with the power? For good? Who knows.

Be careful with Google now.


narrowband said...

"They know more stuff about you than your mom. "


Good one there.

Law Tien Soon said...

I've recently posted a relevant article as well, titled "Google - From Powerful Technologies to Privacy Concerns"

Check it out

wyejon said...

Google is teh evil! fcuk google

Jlchannel said...

Google is not evil! Micro$oft is EVIl :P