Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Interesting design on E-mail UI

I chanced upon Remail, a E-mail prototype from the Collaborative User Experience (CUE) folks in IBM.

I don't know about other research in UI other than those of GNOME Human Interface but Remail has plenty of interesting points there.

Reading this paper, Designing Remail: Reinventing the Email Client Through Innovation and Integration, I was impressed with how the UI is designed for solving the typical problems of showing message context. GMail's "conversation" method is the most efficient way I know of to arrange mail messages within the same context. This feature alone pales the rest of the e-mail clients in the market.

Reading the findings and the solutions from Remail, I realized that any application that needs to handle context sensitive messages will benefits from the design. This is something worthy to read about.

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