Friday, February 17, 2006

How to promote your online magazine with Digg.

Alright, so now that you got your online mag site up and running, you will want to promote your site. But before that, remember the golden rule of quality content. In case you forgot, read this.

You can promote your site effective by including your site to sites to Digg. Now Digg is a very interesting site and you can actually promote your site quite effectively by exposing your site to the same-minded readers.

What you do is, you sub mit your site to Digg. The story will initially end up in this place call diggall area. Here your submited story will, by default, get 1 digg point. You can see it cleary on the light yellow box at the top left corner. When other readers come along, he will click on the "digg it" link if the reader likes it.

You can see how it works by testing this page. :D

When you story gets alot of digg point, it will automatically move to the front page. So the more digg points your site gets, the futher up in the digg list.

Note* I miss out the boring fact that you have to register for a digg account before you can submit a story. You can "digg" without register of course.

As for newbies who is just starting out on blogging and self publishing, I recommend this stupid crazy course Articology -- some science about writing, publishing, and promoting your online articles. Well it works for me.

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