Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finally ...

Many years ago while I was still surfing web pages saved in a floppy disk, I wish that I have a website to search and post for rooms or house to let around my college area. I remember coding the basic part of it and design the website -- colors, graphics, logo -- then I quickly forgot about it and move on.

Finally, about 2 weeks ago I started to code small part of it in Ruby On Rails and the skeleton site is up in less than 2 hours later. Within the week, I have added search engine, website design, user posting, edit, delete, and even AJAX! All of that in less than 10 hours of work and most of the time spent is on the CSS layout and colors.

And so finally I can present to the world,, an online classifieds for TAR college and university students.
But it's not 100% yet so expect few bugs here and there. I think the whole site should be okay in couple of days time as more testers report bugs when they use it. I hope.

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