Thursday, October 26, 2006

A little thought about's AutoPinger

I was setting up my new Wordpress blog and applying for the autopinger. The instruction to setup AutPinger for self-installed server caught my attention.

To obtain the Ping URLs for Project Petaling Street, please write an email with your blog URL (e.g. as the SUBJECT to the following email address: autopinger (a) A reply with the latest ping URL will be sent to you. This ping URL changes on a regular basis to defeat ping spammers so please make sure your membership details are up to date as an email notification will be sent to you whenever the ping URL changes.
Changing the ping URL is a feeble attempt to discourage spammers. In fact it is quite easy to solve that problem (if I'm a spammer that is).

Just apply for an auto pinger URL myself, and have my SPAM scripts to update accordingly when the ping URL changes.

Talk about spamming, I am reading this book, "Inside the Spam Cartel: Trade Secrets from the Dark Side" by Spammer X. I don't know who is Spammer X. And I am not sure if he is actually happy that he couldn't get any fame from writing this book. But hell, I'm sure he enjoys the wealth. You see this is a really good book.

If you have the time, I recomend it. I couldn't stop reading after the first chapter.

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trailsshoppers said...

I guess when it comes to spammers, there are several rules thats fine with me if spammers willing to follow too. If the spammer commented something related to the article first n then to promote related stuff related to the article, then its ok. If the spammer has something like commentluv-that would be great too-I can leave my comment with updated link. 2ndly if whatever items the spammer broadcast about are very good-like reminder of sales or events related to the blog owner, then its fine. Sometime with so many stuff to do, its good when someone remind me of (one of my interes is shopping) of sale event or upcoming events / book fair. 3rdly, if the spammer has a space for me to leave a link, like what some of us do- using shoutbox as link exchange..then its okay too!