Tuesday, November 07, 2006

PgOSS -- What coming next

Was chatting with geekCool earlier about his call for help to run the next PgOSS. The last PgOSS was lots of fun, we have people coming in just to check out the Penang FOSS thing.

Well, obviously we lack manpower.
So if you are in Penang and interested to join the team, this is the ToDo list that you might be interested to get into.
  1. Event planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Looking for presenter
  4. Spreading the words of PgOSS event
  5. Linux CDs give-away
  6. Giving presentations
  7. Donation
We you can reach geek00L at #myoss @ freenode, and me at this number here, zero one seven - five four seven zero two four seven. Yeah, I changed my number recently. :D
(If you do ring me up, you can call me Shitmores -- no worries) :D :D

I really hope we can our November PgOSS.

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