Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A personal note on productivity with Thunderbird 2.0

One of the coolest features of the upcoming Thunderbird 2.0 is tagging for your e-mail. When I first discovered tagging of e-maill with Gmails I have been looking for something similar for my POP mails.

I am using Thunderbird 2 beta 2 now, and I'm not sure why it's still beta. As far as I am concerned, it's might as well be the final version. This beta software haven't crashed on me since many moons ago! Seriously Thunderbird raises my standard as to what beta software means.

Apart from tagging, I think the search function beats the crap out of Outlook. I remember waiting for my colleague to search for some information from his Outlook. After a while waiting, I just go to my Thunderbird and got the search result back almost instantly.

This whole Thunderbird 2.0 experience taught me 3 things.

1. Beta version software is the new gold version.
2. Outlook sucks.
3. Use your own Thunderbird to do you own damn search.
Or "Quit asking people to do your shit"

But anyway if you need to know 3 things about Thunderbird 2.0 now, they are:

1. Damn stable
2. Damn fast search
3. Damn cool tagging

Now, see that "BAD IDEA" up there?

Well take it from me and try it out yourself. I have been creating so many tags that, I didn't know which tags are for which anymore. I think after about 3 tags, you'll pretty much start getting confuse about which tags are for which.

As you can see I have:
  1. Important (default)
  2. Personal (default)
  3. ToDo (default)
  4. Work
  5. BugReport
  6. Report
  7. bla bla bla bla blaaa...
  8. More bla bla

First, I shouldn't even have report tag, just create a folder to hold the e-mails related to reports. That's probably what I should have done for the rest of stuff.

After some "refactoring" -- I basically delete everything except these 3.
  1. Important
  2. To Do
  3. FuckIt

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kenmin said...

just a suggestion, try david allen's method in his book get things done.