Monday, April 09, 2007

Poderosa: The PuTTY killer

I have been using PuTTY for years and it's one of those invaluable software that you thank God not because it's free but it solves your daily problem over and over again. PuTTY has its wrinkles but I still love it nevertheless.

However I think the time has come to move on. I have stopped using PuTTY for months. Let me introduce to you Poderosa -- a tabbed terminal emulator for Windows.

Among the features you get from Poderosa are:
  1. GUI tab
  2. SSH1/2 connection
  3. Local Cygwin connection
  4. ... (this means you should find out more from the website)
I am impressed most by the tabbing of terminals. However you might not like the fact that this software .NET based. The good news is that it's under Apache 2.0 license so you can get the source and have a ball with it if you want to.

I used it everyday for my Cygwin sessions and also for SSH. Very easy to use, stable and fast. I tried various terminal emulators but most has stability issues. No problem for me so far. I think I finally found what I am looking for in a terminal emulator.

Give it a try.


nice3z said...

I used to use Poderosa before, I like the GUI, the tab & the auto arrange. But the terminal text rendering is slow? Feel like working over a dialup connection. Can't remember the version I used though.
Going back to putty because it is like broadband vs dialup. =)

mysurface said...

Ya, I can feel the 'slow', .net apps is heavy, I am using P3, therefore I can feel the 'heavyness'.

one think I don't like about is it need to save the settings of a session on a file, it should have a session manager to manage it nicely like putty.

SecureCRT is an alternative, but it is not free.

By the way Poderosa is still cool.

Anonymous said...

i just don't like the ideea of it running on .net 2.0 fw

Anonymous said...

sucks! no serial support

Anonymous said...

I does have serial support! download the plugin's from the website.

The macro's options are pretty cool too.

Dan Dascalescu said...

No mouse support in Poderosa.

And their mailing list is dead.

Anonymous said...


Could any one tell me how to save settings to a file.

Every time I close Poderosa and open it again, the password is not saved for a terminal session.

Each time i have to enter the password again.

Is there a way to automatically load all the sessions with entering the password again and again?



Anonymous said...

Hi I tried to run Informix 4GL in poderosa. Yes Poderosa is able to display it properly but problem here is how to do a key mapping for functional keys for vt100?

I need to map the functionl keys like:

F1: ^]Oa
F2: ^]Ob

Can you please help on this...

Ankit said...

When I run Poderosa and do an ls command, I get all my contents(both files and directories) in my directory having the same color. Is there a way to add color. Although, when I use vim, it shows me all the colors and highlighting.