Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shipping culture

I'm watching this Java in Trenches and I must say, if you are doing any kind of serious software development works, then please spend sometime with this video. This stuff is so good I would pay money for it!

Anyway, something from the slides.

In Malaysia, this is not a culture. It's a mandatory thing if you want to continue to get your pay cheque. The problem is really not whether you ship it out -- on time or otherwise -- but shipping out the kind of software that won't come back and bite your ass.

By biting your ass I mean:

1. Your client won't call you up and explain what professionalism means.
2. You don't have to explain why the software puke errors every 2 clicks.
3. You don't have to debug and fix code that needs to be running on the client server the next morning. (And it's already 2.30 AM)

Well, I'm actually taking this slide out of context. These guys ensure quality every step of the way, and when they deliver the final product, the really deliver. And that says a lot about Eclipse Software Framework.

By the way, if you still think that using a good framework will ship, you should find out more about the shipping. Think "process".

Ship it! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects is a good book on how to navigate your way out of the mess of shipping out the good stuff on time. If you need to start, start with this short guide.

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