Thursday, December 20, 2007

Firefox 3b2 + Firebug?

To get Firefox 3.0b2 to work with Firebug, you need to install the patched Firebug 1.1 beta from Fireclipse Project here.

Anyway, just a short note on this patched Firebug:

Firebug 1.1 beta

Firebug 1.1 is Firebug 1.05 by Joe Hewitt with enhancements and bug fixes by John J. Barton (IBM Almaden) and Max Stepanov (aptana)

Firebug-1.1.0b10 supports:
  • eval() debugging,
  • external editor interface,
  • browser-generated event handler debugging,
  • executable lines marked with green line numbers,
  • user-controlled naming of eval() buffers,
  • Stack side panel on "Script" panel for callstack,
  • Supports Firefox 3,
  • "better" debugging icons,
  • CSS errors report against source lines,
  • bug fixes (incl. issues 8, 69, 218, 230, 239, 249, 269, 314, 321, 345)
  • Internal firebug debug output
The file is an XPI file that will add-on to Firefox as Firebug v1.1. Firefox's updater will allow you to get new experimental versions until Firebug 1.1 is official. At that time the experimental version will be replaced by the official one when you update. Please report problems on the Firebug Group or bug tracker.

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