Friday, June 06, 2008

[ANN] Compress Grails Plugin Release

I just release a new plugin to compress Grails output. This will be very helpful in cases where you have large CSS or Javascript files. See the above screen -- a whopping reduction from 1068KB to 220KB!

Get it now; grails install-plugin compress


Murali said...

What URL do we use to get the stats page in the screen shot?

Karsten Silz said...

In Grails 1.0.4, your plugin causes IOExceptions on the console. Is that a bug in the code?

Peter Schneider-Manzell said...

First of all: Thanks for this great plugin.

Just one thing: There's a bug in your code generating the filter params "excludePathPatterns" for the web.xml You can find the issue and the fix here: