Thursday, January 08, 2009

Consume RSS Feeds easily with Groovy and Rome

This is what I did to start consuming RSS feeds with Groovy within 20 minutes!

1. Download Rome.
2. Download Rome Fetcher.
3. Download JDOM is you haven't done so.
4. Extract rome-x.jar, rom-fetcher-x.jar and jdom.jar to a tmp directory -- I placed them at lib.
5. Start you Groovy Console with the classpath set to the jar files, like the this:
$ groovyConsole -cp lib/rome-1.0RC1.jar:lib/rome-fetcher-0.9.jar:lib/jdom.jar
6. Use the code below:

import com.sun.syndication.fetcher.*
import com.sun.syndication.fetcher.impl.*
import com.sun.syndication.feed.synd.SyndFeed

FeedFetcherCache feedInfoCache = HashMapFeedInfoCache.getInstance();
FeedFetcher feedFetcher = new HttpURLFeedFetcher(feedInfoCache);
SyndFeed feed = feedFetcher.retrieveFeed(new URL(""));

feed.entries.each {
println " -> ${it} "

println " == ${feed.entries?.size()}"

7. Finally start reading the below docs:

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