Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's your "music setup" like?

The thing about us programmer is that we glue our butts on the chair whole day and we just gotta have some music. I am sure you heard a lot about "programming songs/music". We I need to warn you that regardless whether it's Britney Spears or Massive Attack, you music is only as good as your speaker or earphone (cans).

Getting a good pair of cans can be expensive. I know because I already gotten myself few pairs with price tags that I am embarrassed to say out loud. I own Grado S65, K75 (best bang for buck type), and my latest Atomic Floyd. Well you get what you can.

But there's something else other than getting a good cans -- get a headphone amplifier! Shown here is my Hippobox headphone amp. Cost me SGD$40 bux and boy does it make my cans sing. You don't want that ugly box dangling if you are traveling but no reason not to have one of these baby pump up the music while you're on your desk.

Short description -- with my mini amp, the orchestra is right in front of me and music is live and loud and clear. Without, I am sitting in front of the TV with the orchestra showing. I hate that fucker who introduced me to these baby amps -- how could I live without them from now on?!!!

* Warning, get a good headphone first before getting any kind of amp. Get both if you can. :-)


Khairil said...

On-board laptop and desktop sound is pretty poor.

A USB DAC would do wonders with the kind of headphones you're using. If you can find an affordable USB DAC + Amp, do share the info.

Seymour Cakes said...

Wow, USB DAC looks damn cool, but again it's pricey. Man, this is expensive hobby. However I am going to my usual lubang to check out if there have any on this. Will update if I find anything interesting.