Sunday, June 02, 2013

Why we need the visionaries to save us (the nerds)

I met many young aspiring startup founders this weekends at AngelHack SG. I was impressed. I was also disturbed by the lack of visionary thinking among them.
Programmer nerds are by default, clever people. You need a certain level of intelligence to code shit. And you need visionaries. 

Need. It's not optional.

You can code the damn thing -- the algorithm, the SQL data mapping, CSS framework, angular-shit, and what not. You make it pretty and fast. And you proved that it works.

You, the awesome programmer is going to impress the judges and some of them will fall off their chairs.


No no. It is different when you are hacking in events like AngelHack. Unless you can complete the whole damn thing -- the best bang for bucks is the slides! But better make sure you can code the damn thing okay.

After 24 or 48 hours labor, you have to present to a panel of angels and investors that need to understand what you got for them.
You window of opportunity is very small. 
I mean, how long does it take you to pee? Well you got less time than that.

But I digress, the point is not about pitching in the shortest time possible. 
It is about making them see the value of your stuff.

Show is better than tell.

You got to show what you got -- not tell.
But if you only have the server running and you are showing them the logs flying everywhere, you get an F.

F for fail.

I know you are an awesome programmer, but if you don't have the chops to deliver your idea out to the world, you need a vision guy to do it for you.

The vision guy will sell your idea.
This vision guy will do the slides for you.
For you!

If you can't find any then maybe it's about time you learn how to be a visionary.

Start here.

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