Saturday, February 01, 2014

Book review: Groovy 2 Cookbook

(Disclaimer: I got a copy of Groovy 2 Cookbook from Packt for review)

A good cookbook will help you learn something quickly, or guide you to solve a problem in simpler way. On both count this book has done a good job.

I find the 'Using Groovy Language features' chapter easy to follow and will be helpful for newbies to learn Groovy. However I think they missed out focused topics on Collections.

The chapter on Meta-programming and DSL is particularly helpful. I have learned new tricks on applying DSL in my day to day work.

The chapter on concurrent programming is decent but could be better with simpler examples. This is the chapter where it reads like a overview of what gpars can do for you but if you don't have a good grasp of concurrent programming with groovy then the examples can be confusing. I wouldn't recommend newcomers to learn gpars from this book and instead learn from the online doc directly.

Maybe it is the nature of Groovy where the language is already quite easy to read and understand -- this book can be seen as struggling to compete with the very concise and clear online documentation.

As somebody who has been programming with Groovy for many years, I would recommend this book to Java programmer who would like to get a good grip of Groovy language quickly. Otherwise this book offers little to seasoned Groovy programmers.

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