Monday, June 23, 2014

Kiss-ass Principle

The steps to resolve a bug/error report can be broken down into 6 simple steps.
  1. Clarify the problem
  2. Implement temporary solution (if applicable)
  3. Find root cause of the problem
  4. Implement permanent solution
  5. Verify solution with user
  6. Implement preventive solution/action --make sure this problem doesn't repeat again
  7. Send out summary of lesson learned
A reckless programmer will only do at least 2 of the steps above and no more.
I don't like reckless programmers.

However when it comes to responding the bug/error report back to the user directly, I have a helpful format what I call 'Kiss-ass Principle'.
It is designed to make the user feel respected. And happy.
A happy user will support you in more ways than you can imagine.

Kiss-ass Principle can be plainly broken to roughly 7 steps.
  1. Acknowledge the user problem feedback and clarify -- "Thanks Sam, what/how/where/when you see that error?"
  2. Let them know when you are looking into this problem -- "OK, I am doing this shit currently but will look into this in 5 mins time" or "Ok, investigating now".
  3. Let them know you found the source of the problem -- "Ah I see the problem now. It is because of la la la la"
  4. Tell them when it will be fixed -- "This bug will be fixed in the next server update"
  5. Tell them it is fixed and request the user verify -- "OK, updated the server with the fix, can you try again"
  6. Reassure the user the problem is seriously taken care of -- "This is a shitty problem but it is fixed and should be fine from now on"
  7. Say sorry if you have to.


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